You can view all Call History, including inbound, outbound, internal, international, etc.

To access this information, you must first log in at

Select Portal > Select your extension from the drop-down on the right-hand side > Select Call History

Permissions: A Cloud User has access only that user’s call history. An Admin user can see the call history for any user

Call History Configuration

In the call history portal, you can see the total number of calls, total inbound/outbound calls, average call time and max call duration.

You can filter by date and phone number. You can also set additional filters by 

Clicking on the blue Filters button.


Filters include call direction, the call type, and disposition (answer / no answer).


Once you’ve selected your filters click Apply Filters

Note: custom Reports for Phone numbers, Extensions, and Queues can be created by navigating to 

Features > FluentCloud Reports.

If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.


Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)