Time Conditions allow you to create separate business hours, after hours, weekend, and holiday schedules. This way, your phone system will automatically route incoming calls based upon your specific schedule. This is also called Day/Night Mode.

If you know that the office will be closed on specific days, or at a specific time, you can add a time condition to automatically account for the office closure. You can then add a Custom Recording or Auto-Attendant for the closure and add it to your Route.

NOTE:  If you are using a Business Hours Time Condition, you should treat the All Times condition as your after hours. This is useful because the All Times condition will act as a catchall event.

Alternatively, you may try Managed Routes if you would rather manually turn on/off your Day/Night greetings. With Managed Routes, you can enter a feature code on your phone or log into the web portal to change the Day/Night Mode.

To create a new Time Condition:

 Click Feature in the menu, then select Time Conditions.


Click the Create New button.


Now you can begin to create your time condition!


1. Enter a Name for your Time Condition. The format should be "BizHrs" not "Biz Hrs"

2. Enter a Description. This is optional however, it's a great place to give a little more detail. 

3. Select the Time Zone that will apply to the time condition. 

4. Selected the Occurrence. This is the time and day(s) the time condition will apply. Select Yearly if the Time Condition is for a specific day (for multiple dates, CTRL+Click.)

You can also select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly depending on your specific needs.

6. Select either All Times for the entire day or Custom to specify a time range. You can not combine multiple custom times and multiple days.

Click Add Time Condition and you are all set to add it to your Routes! 

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683

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