Call Forwarding using a Queue

What it does: Allows outside numbers to receive calls when in a Queue 

Who can set it: Admin users 

When to use it: When you would like an outside number to be apart of a Queue. To do this you will go to "Features"-->"Queues"-->Select the Queue-->"Static Queue Members". You will be able to add the external number under "Add Phone Number". The phone number will now be included as a Static Queue Agent and you can arrange it in the order you'd like it to ring in the Queue.

How to use it: Robby telecommutes part-time for a call center by using his cell phone. His cell number is the third in line for the queue, so if the first two agents are already on a call, he will receive the call through his cell phone. If Robby and the first two agents are on the line, then the call will go to the fourth agent. 

When it won't work: It will not work when combined with Dynamic Agents. 

Pro Tips: Make sure that you leave "Confirm Call for External Numbers" ON, so callers don't reach the voicemail system of the outside number.