Managed Routes are a great way to use multiple routes on your account to change call behavior in an instant. You can toggle between up to 3 routes and they are commonly designated as "Day", "Night", and "Temp" mode. 

To Create a Managed Route, you must already have at least two routes on your account. Please refer to How to Set Up Routes, if you do not already. 

Go to "Features"--> "Managed Routes"


Select "Create New"


Now you can customize the behavior of the Managed Route by clicking on Settings:

1. Name - The name of the Managed Route.

2. Password - The password for the Managed Route. 

3. Day Mode - Route for your Day Mode, must make a selection.

4. Night Mode - Route for your Night Mode, must make a selection.

5. Temp Mode - Route for your Temp Mode. You do not always need a Temp Route.

Select "Create New Route" and you are good to go! The last step is attaching the phone number to the Managed Route, please refer 

How to Set Up Phone Numbers.


If you have any questions or are unsure how to use Tags, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2. (303-462-5683 opt 2)