Following are the steps to connect your WiFi capable Yealink phone to a network via the phone's built in menu screens.  This applies to both phones with built in WiFi and using the WiFi add on dongle.

  1. Enter the WiFi configuration menu:
    • If the phone is displaying the No WiFi Networks Prompt Press the OK softkey.
    • From idle screen, Press the Menu softkey, 3. Settings, 1. Basic Settings, 8. Wifi. (The number of these options may change in the future as features are added, but the names should remain the same).
  2. Scroll down to option 4. Available Networks - Hit the Scan softkey.
    • Available networks should update and show a count of networks in range.
  3. Select 4. Available Networks.
  4. Press the Detail softkey on desired network.
  5. Press the Add softkey to open the network edit menu.
  6. Down to option 4. Cipher Type
    • Use D-Pad to change Cipher Type to TKIP AES.
      • Note that this step is required for most networks, as the default setting of just AES will often not work.  If you know the type used in your network, the appropriate setting may be used.
  7. Down to option 5. WPA Shared Key.
    • Enter your network password, using the abc softkey to change between upper and lower case letters and numbers.  The star(*) key will provide special characters.
  8. Press the Save softkey.

The phone should now automatically connect to your WiFi network.  If it does not, press the Connect softkey when your network is highlighted in the list of available networks.