1. Log into my.fluentcloud.com as an admin user.

2. Located in the Reports menu under Dashboard, Gap Reporting is one of the many widgets you can set up within the Dashboard. 

3. Clicking the New Widget button within the Dashboard page will bring up a list of the different options you have for viewing reports. 

4. When you select the Extension Gap Summary Grid option, it will prompt you to name the new widget. 

5. Once populated, you can filter your Gap Report by extensions, report dates, etc. until it meets your specifications.  

6. Typically, the Report will be ordered  in numerical order from lowest to highest extension number. 

7. Clicking the Export icon in the top right corner of the report will allow you to export the Extension Gap Summary Grid into a .csv file. 

8. Clicking the Settings with allow you to set the custom gap time interval in the report. 

Questions? Call 303-GO-CLOUD option #2 or email support@fluentstream.com