This article is to assist Admin level users make updates to their extensions and the corresponding locations over time when physical phones are not to be moved from their location.  

1. Once logged into, click on Settings, followed by Extensions.

2. Locate and select the extension that needs to be updated.

3. Click the Room drop down menu (just beyond halfway down the page) and locate the new room which the extension is moving to.

4. Once this is done, the Admin user will need to select the Attached Device. *Remember, the device needs to be updated since it will not be moved.

5. Now the user is on the device. The extension needs to be removed from the Device Provisioning page and saved.

6. The MAC address for the new device can be entered into the search feature.

7. The extension can now be added to the new device.

8. Please save and reload configuration on the device.

If you have any questions, email or call 303-GO-CLOUD.