My Status is a new tab in designed to give dynamic queue agents better control over their agent status as well as easier access to information relevant to their queue agent history. 


1. If you are a cloud user, click the My Status tab upon logging in. If you are an admin user, select Portal, and then My Status. Ensure that the correct extension is selected from the upper right corner.   



2.  Across the top of the My Status Page, you will see either a Green, Blue, or Yellow bar depending on whether you are logged into the queue, logged out, or paused.                                     

 Green - Logged In

Blue - Logged Out

Yellow - Paused  

3. Below the colored bar representing your sign in status, you will find the basic information about your agent profile.

Name - The first and last name on the attached extension.

Agent number - The dynamic agent account you are logged into.

 Signed into extension - The extension you are currently using to answer queue calls.

4. The Your Queues section is where you will manage your sign-in status as well as see which queues your dynamic agent will receive calls from. 

  • If you are currently signed out of your dynamic agent, you will be able to sign in and start receiving queue calls right away.

  • If you are currently signed on to your dynamic agent, you will be able to sign out completely or Pause to temporarily stop receiving queue calls.

    • Upon pausing in the queue, new Pause Code Reasons allow you to select a reason as to why you are pausing in the queue. Pause code reasons will appear in your Dynamic Agent Status History. 

5. The Your Dynamic Agent Status History section is where you can see up-to-date information about the history of your dynamic agent. This table lists out the time, event, reason, and duration of your dynamic agent status history.

Time - What time the status event took place (hours: minutes: seconds)

Event - Which status event took place (Log In, Log Out, Pause, Unpause)  

Reason - Selected pause code reason (if applicable) 

Duration - Length of time of that event (hours: minutes: seconds) 

Questions? Call 303-GO-CLOUD option #2 or email