Call history is a reporting tool that allows you to see call logs and access recordings. Call history reporting provides caller ID information, total call stats, and access to call recordings.

To navigate to the call history page on as an admin user, please do the following: Click on portal from the top blue bar, then select call history. You will now be on the call history page. 

To navigate to the call history page on as a cloud user, please do the following: Click on call history from the top blue bar. You will now be on the call history page. 

At the top of the call history page you will see a search field. Use this search field to look up numbers or other caller ID information. The search will begin once you hit the magnifying glass. This search function will filter only the calls with caller ID information that matches your search. 

Next to the search field, you will see a Report Dates field. By default, the Report Dates field will default to Today. To modify the date range, simply click on Today and it will bring up date filter options. If you need further explanation on this portion, call our support line 3034625683, opt. 2. 

Just below the the search field, you will find the Extension Call Summary. That will display information on total call time, max call duration, average call time, total calls, total inbound calls, and total outbound calls.

Finally, you will have the Call Detail Record of all of your calls that match the date range and filters you have selected. This table will show you the call date and time, the caller ID name, the caller ID number, the number dialed and more call information. Take note of the box next to the call. This box will pull up even more detailed information on the call you have selected. This will populate in a new table just below the call detail record table. You will see the call time, different legs of the call (i.e. transferred calls, etc.), and have the option to download and listen to the recording. On this new table, in the top right hand corner, you should see a trash can icon with an x. Press this to exit out of the new table. 

Many of our customers find it useful to export the call history to a CSV. To do this, find the Export CSV button located at the very bottom of the call detail record table. Clicking this button will export the filtered call history to a CSV file.

If you have any further questions or if you run into any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team, 3034625683, opt. 2.