1. Log into my.fluentcloud.com as an admin user.

2. Navigate to the Settings dropdown menu and select Voicemail Boxes. Ensure that voicemail transcription is enabled for the voicemail box you are wanting to set up voicemail sentiment analysis on. 

3. Navigate to the Features dropdown menu and select Notification Workflows.

4. On the left hand column go to the bottom, select Voicemail Sentiment Analysis and select Create New Event.

5. When the New Event box appears click on the Event Type dropdown menu and select ‘Voicemail With Sentiment Analysis Received’.

6. Select which voicemail box you would like this applied to from the dropdown menu to the right of 'Event Type'.

7. Adjust the the Sentiment Score Range to determine the types of messages you would like to be notified for. Hover over the blue question marks to get more information on how to set the score range. 

A range between 0 and 1 will notify you for positive sentiment analysis, and a range between 0 and -1 will notify you for negative sentiment analysis. 

8. Adjust the Sentiment Magnitude Range to determine the magnitude in which you would like to be notified for. This ranges from 1-12. The Sentiment Magnitude is calculated from the sentiment range combined with the length of the message. 

9. Once you have selected the voicemail box and score range, click Add Action.

10. A new drop down menu named Action Type will appear. Select the method in which you would like to be notified. After selecting the action type, enter in the required information (email address, phone number, etc.). Next, select the time condition that you would like to be notified during, if applicable.

11. Click the blue Save button. You will see the green ‘Notification Workflow Saved!’ popup. You will now receive a notification for all messages that fall within your sentiment analysis range.

Questions? Call 303-GO-CLOUD option #2 or email support@fluentstream.com.