To sync phone to network with a Dongle:

1. Connect phone first with ethernet cord to ensure the phone works correctly

2. Disconnect Ethernet: Note will appear on phone **Wi-Fii adapter removed** Press ok

3. Connect Dongle to back of phone: Note will appear on phone **Wi-Fii adapter is added, scanning wireless networks?** Press ok

4. It will show as ***SCANNING*** for just a couple seconds

5. Wi-Fi window will appear: If window times out you can get back to this page;

    a. Menu

    b. Settings (3)

    c. Basic Settings (1)

    d. Wi-fi (8)

6. Select (#) Available Network(s) (4):

7. Scroll down to correct network and press CONNECT.

8. Enter correct Password or Network Key

    a. Ensure that the correct form of letters/numbers has been chosen on the second tab below, your options will be;

        1. 123

        2. abc

        3. ABC

        4. 2ab

9. Press OK

**This phone should now be hooked up to wi-fi and be able to make and receive calls.