Listen, Whisper, Barge are features we offer that allow users to interact with FluentStream users and active phone calls. This is a great feature to use as a training or coaching tool. 

Listen - listen to an extension. Neither side will be able to hear you.

Whisper - listen to an extension, talk to the FluentStream side of the call 

Barge - listen to extension and talk to both sides of call

Extension (Must Enable Here First)

The first step in using the Listen, Whisper, Barge feature is to enable it on the extension level. That will allow that extension to use the feature, meaning they have the ability to Listen, Whisper, Barge. 

1. Log into

2. Go to Settings>Extensions

3. Select the Extension you'd like to edit from the left side of the screen

4. Go to the Permissions Tab on that extension:

Then scroll down to the bottom of the page to enable/disable Whisper/Listen/Barge:

Update the Extension to save your changes. Now this extension will be able to Listen, Whisper, or Barge on other extension's phone calls. 

To utilize this from the physical phone:

You will want to create a feature code for each option, Listen, Whisper, or Barge. Please refer to  How to Use and Create Feature Codes for more detailed instructions. 

When you are on the phone you will enter the Feature Code, then the Extension number. 

You can also enact Listen, Whisper, Barge by using our Live Reports Portal. You must be an Admin to use this.

Roles (Live Manager)

If you or your users utilize Live Manager, you will want to further customize the Permissions here. Please refer to How to Create Custom Permissions and Roles for Live Manager for more information.

Tags (Live Manager)

Currently, you can deny certain users from using Listen, Whisper, Barge in Live Manager. Please refer to Using Tags for Permissions in Live Manager for further instructions.