Actions are the Feature or Application that will be used when the caller presses the Dial Value in an Auto Attendant. Some Actions require an additional specification in the Selection.

Answering Machine Detection - (invalid)

Callback Extension for Phone Number -

Call Flow - Directs to Call Flow - Requires a Selection

Call Forwarding - Forwards call to a phone number (DID) - Requires Phone Number in Argument (ie, 3034625683)

Call Group - Directs to Call Group - Requires a Selection

Directory - Directs to an Automated Directory that allows searching by the first 3 letters of the first or last name. Names are pulled from Voicemail Box Name in

Echo Audio- (invalid)

Extension - Directs to an Extension - Requires Selection

Extension w/ Follow Me Settings - Directs to an Extension while maintaining Follow Me Settings.

Fax Answer - Directs call to the processed as a Fax. 

Hangup Call - Hangs Up Call

Mark Call Unanswered - Hangs Up Call, reports it as 

Milliwatt Tone - Plays long dial tone to the caller then disconnects the call. 

Queue - Directs call to a Queue - Requires Selection

Request a Callback - Directs caller to enter phone number. Must state in Auto Attendant recording the key press option is for call back. Requires email in Argument (ie,

Routes - Directs call a Route - Requires Selection

Set Caller Language - (invalid)

Spell Alpha-Numeric String - (invalid)

Text To Speech - (invalid)

Voicemail - Directs call to leave a message to voicemail box - Requires Selection

Check Voicemail - Directs to voicemail box log in as defined by Selection - Requires Selection

Auto Attendant - Directs to an Auto Attendant - Requires Selection

Wait for Silence - Hangs up call

Web Service Call - (invalid)

Zip Code Router -  Directs to the Zip Code Route - Requires a Selection