Tags is a new feature being developed for improved sorting and workflow! We currently have it released to be used with our Live Manager application in conjunction with Listen, Whisper, Barge, Hang Up, and Transfer options. We are working on expanding this feature for more uses in the future!

To get started, first log into my.fluentcloud.com and go to "Settings"-->"Tags":


On the left side of the screen select "Create New"


Follow the steps below to start using tags!


1. Name - We are currently developing more functionality for tags. Currently, you can use the to group extensions, such as "CustService" or "Sales", so that while you are in live manager you can easily view each tag and the group of extensions. 

You can also use the following naming conventions to create their corresponding functionality. You will want to select from one of the following naming conventions/functionality choices. They must be entered exactly as listed below:

DenyHangup - No one can Hangup these calls belonging to these items (e.g. extensions)
DenyListen - No one can Listen to these calls belonging to these items
DenyTransfer - No one can Transfer these calls belonging to these items
DenyWhisper - No one can Whisper to these calls belonging to these items
DenyBarge - No one can Barge in on calls belonging to these items

The "Deny" functionality is limited to extensions at this time. It will not apply to Queue or Queue Agents. This functionality will override any settings in "Roles".

2. Global - You can toggle True/False. True allows all users to see Tags, False will only allow Admins to see Tags.

3. Type - Here you can select from Extensions, Queue, or Queue Agents. Currently, Extensions is built our for functionality, with the other types to follow soon!

4. New Item - Here you can search by extension number, queue name, agent number or name. Once you find the selection you would like to make, you can select "Add" to group in in section #5.

5. Tag Items - Here you can find the "Items" (so extensions, queues, or queue agents) that are associated with that specific tag.

Below is an example of what your Tags page may look like:
We are have set DenyTransfer for extensions 112 and 115. It is set on a "False" global level, which means only admins can see it. 


 If you have any questions or are unsure how to use Tags, please call our support team at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2. (303-462-5683 opt 2)