First, you will need to create the report for your login. Don't worry, once you've created the report and saved it for the first time, you won't need to complete this again. If you would like to add a Widget to an existing report, select "New Widget" and skip to Step 4. 

1. Go to Reports > Dashboard



2. Click "New Report" 



3. Click "Next" on the Clean Slate option. (More options coming soon!) 



4. Name the report something comprehensive for your needs and click "Add".





You will then be taken to a fresh page for the report to add the widget you are looking for - 


5. Click the "Add Widget" button. 




6. Select "Queue Statistics"

7. Name your widget something comprehensive. Then click "Add". 


(Think about the time frame you want to display or the department you want to view). 


If you decide you want to change the name, simply hover over the name and click on the yellow pencil. 




8. You may select to view data for "All Queues" or a specific one of your choosing. 

You may also select to view data for specific fields. You can view multiple fields at once.

9. Set the time parameters for your widget's report. 




10. The final setting you have to choose from is whether or not you want the statistics to update live, or maintain if you get another queue call while the report is up. 




Make sure to save your changes prior to navigating away from the report. 


If this is the report that you are most interested in viewing, you can also choose to set this as your default report when you come to the Dashboard page. 



For questions, please contact us via support ticket or give us a call at 303-GO-CLOUD, option 2.