Direct Extension Forwarding or "Follow Me"

What it does: Call forwards per extension based on conditions selected  in "Call Forwarding" under the "Portal" tab in My.FluentCloud.Com. 

Who can set it: Cloud users can set it only for their own extension. Admin users can set it for any extension.

When to use it: When you would like direct calls to your desk phone or softphone to be forwarded to an outside number. This will work with a direct dial to the extension either internally (phone to phone), through a direct dial (extension has a phone number assigned to it), or through a key press for a direct extension in an Auto Attendant. Please refer to: Call Forwarding in My FluentCloud.

How to use it: Dr. Smith will be out of the office to make a house call, however he would still like to receive calls made directly to his extension. He has set the "Follow Me Settings" for his extension in the portal settings to "Don't ring my phone, just forward" so that the calls are forwarded to his cell phone. Once he returns to the office, he removed the call forwarding so that he will just receive calls on his desk phone.

When it won't work: These settings will not apply when the extension is reached through a call group or queue. 

Pro Tips: Customize your settings in the Call Forwarding/Follow Me page to maximize functionality. 

Notify Caller: Let callers know they are being forwarded - Announces to the caller they are being forwarded.

Caller ID: Use original caller's Caller ID when forwarding - Maintains the caller's caller ID. If left unchecked, it will use the dialed number as the caller ID.

Confirm Call: Ask if you would like to receive a forwarded call - Asks the outside number to confirm the call. This MUST be checked if you'd like the call to hit our Voicemail system if the call is unanswered or rejected.