ZIP Code Routing is a dynamic routing application that is used to send calls to various routes depending on their location. For example, if a business has an office in Colorado and another in California, callers from Colorado can be routed straight to the Colorado office, and callers from California can be routed straight to the California office. 

First, you will create the recording and route for the number that needs to utilize the ZIP Code Routing application. 

1. Create a Recording instructing the caller to enter a 5 digit ZIP code. Click here to review how to create recordings.

2. Create a Route. Click here to review how to create routes. 

3. Once your Route is created, you will add "ZIP Code Routing" under the "Add Application" field. 

4. Select the recording you made previously.

5. You can also select a default route for callers that enter an invalid ZIP code.

6. Attach the number you'd like directed to the "ZIP Code Routing" application.

Now that you have the route in place, you will want create a ZIP code directory in the account. This is used as reference for the application to determine which route the call should be sent to by matching the ZIP code the caller enters with a ZIP code in the directory. The directory can be built in the "ZIP Code Routing" page, found in "Account Settings" under the "FluentCloud Account" drop down menu at the top right corner of 

1.To begin building the ZIP code directory, click "Add New Rule". A blank ZIP code field will appear with a drop down list of all available routes next to it. 

2.Enter the ZIP code that the rule will apply to, then choose the route that callers from that ZIP code should be sent to. 

3. Save your changes.

Congratulations! You have completed ZIP Code Routing. The callers will now be prompted to enter a ZIP code, which will direct them to the appropriate route.