Call recording for the entire account can now be managed by an admin in one location. Call Recording Management can be found in the FluentCloud Account drop down menu, Account Settings, then the Call Recording Management tab. From here, you are given a range of options to customize your call recording settings:

1. Agent Voice Only Recording

With this option, you have the option of recording only the agent, or both the agent and the customer.

2. Automatic Deletion

This gives you the ability to decide when old recordings should be deleted. When enabled, you’ll see the Number of Days till Deletion field, where you can enter the amount of days you’d like to keep recordings on file before they are deleted. Automatic Deletion occurs overnight, so you will not notice the storage number change immediately. 

This section also displays the number of recordings you currently have on file, as well as how much storage space your recordings use.

3. Area Code Control 

With this feature, you can disable call recording when dialing to certain area codes. For instance, if you want to disable call recordings to all 303 area code telephone numbers, click Add New Area Code, enter 303 into the Area Code field, then select whether you would like to hear an intermittent beep during the call, or disable call recording altogether. Intermittent beeps can be heard by both parties and are generally used as a tool to remind the agent and the caller that the call is being recorded. 

When you are finished customizing your call recording options, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen. If you have any questions or need assistance managing your call recordings, call us at 303-GO-CLOUD opt 2.