You can check and delete voicemail messages through the phone, and also through the Portal at To access your voicemail box through the portal, log in to, then select the Voicemail drop down menu, and Inbox

If you are an Admin user, you will need to click Portal before the Voicemail drop down menu. You will also want to select the correct extension from the extension drop down menu on the far right side of the screen: 

From here, you can view all voicemail messages you've received. Note that there are multiple tabs to sort messages you'd like to keep. All new messages will appear in Inbox, messages will move into the Old box after they've been reviewed by dialing into your voicemail box, and messages you delete will move into the Deleted box. The Deleted box will hold up to 25 of your most recently deleted messages, and will replace the oldest messages first when new messages are inserted into the box. 

The Inbox can hold up to 100 messages. You will receive notification emails when the inbox is almost full. If it reaches 100 messages, you will no longer be able to receive voicemail messages until some are deleted or moved to another box. To delete messages from the Inbox, select all desired messages, then click Delete Selected

Please give support a call at 303-GO-CLOUD opt. 2 if you have any questions or need assistance accessing or deleting voicemail messages.