To provision a phone on the FluentStream system, you must attach the phone to an extension. Please refer to How to Create and Edit an Extension.  

Log into and go to "Devices" on the navigation bar.



Here you can select from either 1. Phones 2. Button Configurations 




1. Phones - Where you attach device to the extension (provisioning)


Device Settings

a. Mac Address - The unique identifier number assigned to the device for network communication. Each device has it's own MAC Address.

b. Name - The name you'd like to use to refer to the device. If left blank, the name will auto populate with the MAC address.

c. Description - the description for the device for internal reference only.

d. Location - where the phone is located for e911 purposes. Locations can be created under "Settings" --> "Locations".

e. Manufacturer - The Phone manufacturer, example "Yealink".

f. Model - The Phone Model, example "T-46g"

Device Provisioning


Here is where you attach the extension to the device via the Line Key. Every phone requires at least 1 Account Key to attach the corresponding extension to the device. We recommend 2 account keys per phone for better call management. 

2. Button Configurations - where you add Line Keys (BLF, Parking Lots, Speed Dial)

Under "Button Configurations" is where you can add and edit the Line Keys for your devices. Account Keys will automatically be added and should not be deleted

At the top of the page, you can search via the key type, value or label. 


You can also toggle between the Show/Hide to filter the page.


The section below will display your line keys. 


Add New Key Function - allows you to add new line keys. 
Key Type - Account Key, BLF, Speed Dial, Parking Lot, Prefix
Value - The extension number, phone number, or feature code to give the key functionality.
Label - Name that displays on the physical device
Actions - Allows you to save, edit, or delete
Attached To - Lets you know what account key is attached to what device


The changes you make on this page will be added to your account allow you to then go back to "Phones" and customize the line keys as needed.