1. Create Route

In the My FluentCloud Portal, select Settings then Routes. Select Create New. 

Name the route something intuitive for your faxing purposes. Click outside of the naming field and the portal will refresh and create the route for editing. 

Click Add Time Condition—typically the "AllTimes" time condition will be the selection for your inbound fax routing.

Then click Add Application. Select Fax Detection. This will help the system determine if the incoming call is indeed a fax or not. 

Then select Fax Answer, this will send the fax to your inbox dependingg on which tab you select. You can select Company or a specific extension. 

Company will direct faxes to any extension subscribed to receive the company faxes

A specific extension will direct faxes to the email address defined in the User Settings for that extension 

2. Assign the fax number to the route

First click Settings, then Phone Numbers

Select the number you wish to assign from the left hand side.  


Select Routing from the options.

Scroll down to the Route dropdown option and click on the Fax route you created in step 1.

Finally, click Submit at the very bottom. 

If you need assistance, please Contact FluentStream Support