Basic techniques to answer a call:

• Pick up the handset.

• Press the Speaker button (Cisco SPA 303).

• Press the Headset button (Cisco SPA 303).

• Press a green line button to place a call or a red flashing line button to answer a


Techniques to place a call without dialing a number:

• Press the redial softkey, then the dial softkey to dial the last number.

• If you have configured speed dials, press the assigned speed dial code and

then press the dial softkey.Using Basic Phone Functions

Using Hold and Resume

To put a call on hold, press the Hold button/ Hold softkey. Music on hold plays for the caller to indicate that the call is on hold. The phone LCD shows a flashing right arrow indicating the line 

is on hold. 

To resume a call:

Press the flashing red line button for the call or the Hold button or

the Resume sofkey. If you have multiple calls, all calls are put on hold except the

active call.

If you are on a call and another call comes in:

• Press the Answer or Ignore softkey or

• Press the Hold button/Hold softkey to place the call on hold and press the

flashing red line button to answer the incoming call.

To resume the first call, press the flashing red line button or the Hold button or the

Resume softkey.

Switching Between Multiple Calls on Hold on a Single Line

You can have up to two calls on each phone line. If one or more calls on a line is on

hold, the black bar at the top of the screen shows the call that is on hold (indicated

by the right arrow). The call information at the bottom of the screen shows the

active call.

To switch between two calls on a single line, press the flashing line button. If

multiple calls are on hold on multiple lines, use the navigation button to scroll up or

down and press the flashing line button for the call you have selected.