To initiate a conference call:

STEP 1 Press the conf softkey during an active call. The first call is placed on hold, a

second line is opened, and you hear a dial tone.

STEP 2 Dial the second person’s telephone number. Using Basic Phone Functions

Using the Phone Directories (Cisco SPA 303)

STEP 3 Press the conf softkey again. All three parties are connected in the conference


When you hang up, the other two parties are disconnected.

Conferencing a Held Call with an Active Call (Cisco SPA 303)

If you have a call on hold and an active call, you can create a conference call

between the active call, the call on hold, and you.

With an active call and one or more calls on hold, press the confLx softkey.

• If you have only one call on hold, the conference call is created between the

three of you.

• If you have more than one call on hold, choose the held call you want to

conference in by pressing the line button of the call on hold.