You can perform the following types of transfers: 

• Attended Transfer—You call the person to whom you are transferring the

call and either:

- transfer the call while the phone is ringing.

- wait for the person to answer before transferring the call.

• Blind Transfer—You transfer the call without speaking to the other party to

which you are transferring the call.

Performing an Attended Transfer

STEP 1 During an active call, press xfer. The call is placed on hold and a new line is

opened to dial the number.

STEP 2 Either:

• Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call, then press the dial

softkey or wait a few seconds.

• Press the dir softkey and either choose a number from the personal

directory or select the Corporate Directory, then press the dial softkey.

If you hang up before the second call rings, the transfer fails and the first

call is disconnected. If you misdial, use the delChar, clear, or cancel

softkey to make your changes before the call is transferred.

STEP 3 Press the xfer softkey after the phone begins to ring, or at any time after the phone

is answered.

Performing an Unattended (Blind) Transfer

STEP 1 During an active call, press the bXfer softkey.

STEP 2 Enter the number to which you want to transfer the call and press the dial softkey.

The call is transferred with no further action required on your part.Using Basic Phone Functions

Transferring a Held Call to an Active Call

If you have a call on hold and an active call, you can transfer one of these calls to

the other call, connecting the two callers. (This differs from a conference call

because you no longer remain part of the call after the transfer.)

With an active call and one or more calls on hold, press the xferLx softkey.

• If you have only one call on hold, the call is transferred to the active party

and you are disconnected.

• If you have more than one call on hold, choose the held call you want to

transfer by pressing the line button of the call on hold.