The instructions below are intended for users on the FluentSteam phone system, and may not be applicable for devices on other platforms. For more information on using our platform, please visit our website or give us a call at 303-462-5683, opt 1.

Tips for efficiently handling inbound calls—

1. When a call comes in on the phone, you will be prompted with four options

Answer (answers the incoming call)

FWD (automatically forwards the call to another destination)

Silence (caller still hears ringing on their end, but the ringing ceases on your device)

Reject (caller no longer hears ringing, directed to voicemail)

2. When you are on a live call, the options on your phone change

Transfer (puts the caller on hold and allows you to dial an extension on your account or 10-digit phone number) See this guide for details on call transfers.

Hold (places caller on hold, caller will hear on hold music)

Conference (places caller on hold and allows you to add another person to your call)

EndCall (hangs up phone call)