Verify before provisioning:  One big selling point of Digium phones is the auto-configuration mode that they provide.  If the phones that will be provisioned to FluentCloud were previously used on another service, ensure that any configguration servers have been disabled prior to resetting the phones.

  • Factory Reset the phone
    1. From the idle screen of the phone, select More, then Menu.
    2. Select Advanced, then Reset to Factory Defaults
    3. Confirm the factory reset, and wait for the phone to restart.
  • Program the new configuration server.
    1. When the phone boots back up, it will search for configuration servers, and fail to the "No Configuration Servers" screen.
    2. Select the Settings option, then Fetch Configuration File From URL.
    3. Scroll down one to the Server box, then press the [IP]/Host key at the bottom.
    4. Enter "" for the server. The * key is used to enter a "."
    5. Press GO or SAVE.
  • Phone will now reboot automatically and configure itself.  You're done!
  1. The phone may need to update it's firmware, so several reboots may occur.