Ring tones are used to indicate incoming calls. You can select different ring tones to distinguish different accounts registered on your phone, or to distinguish your phone from your neighbor’s.

To select a ring tone for the phone via phone user interface:

1. Tap  ->Basic->Sound->Ring Tones.

2. Tap the desired ring tone.

3. Tap the Save soft key to accept the change or to cancel.

To select a ring tone for the account via web user interface:

1. Click on Account.

2. Select the desired account from the pull-down list of Account.

3. Click on Basic.

4. Select the desired ring tone from the pull-down list of Ring Type.

If Common is selected, this account will use the ring tone selected for the phone.

Refer to the above instruction.

5. Click Confirm to accept the change.

To upload a custom ring tone for your phone via web user interface:

1. Click on Settings->Preference.

2. In the Upload Ringtone field, click Browse to locate a ring tone file (the file format must be WAV) from your local system.

3. Click Upload to upload the file.