FluentCloud WebPhone can support 3 simultaneous calls. The color indicates the status of the call:

Green - Call is active

Red - Call is on Hold

Yellow - Call is connecting

Placing a Call on Hold:

When on a call, press the Hold button:

The Hold button will turn black indicating that the call is on hold, and the line will turn from green to red. Press the Hold button again to pick-up the call on hold. 


Using Lines:

Lines are displayed at the top right of the WebPhone application:

While in an active call, the line will display Green.

To toggle between lines, you can either put the active call on hold, or select an open line to initiate a new call. This will put the active call on hold and prompt you for a new call out.

Now, you will see both call lines and the status. You can manage the calls by toggling between the line numbers or using the hold button.