To access the Phone Directory, press the Directory button, or press the Setup button, select Directories, and select Personal Address Book.

STEP 1 In the Personal Address Book screen, press Add.
STEP 2 Use the keypad to enter the name of the directory entry. When finished with the name, use the Down Arrow key to navigate to the other fields. 
STEP 3 Enter the office, mobile, or home phone number, including any digits you must dial to access an outside line and the appropriate area code, if necessary. You must enter at least one phone number for a contact.
STEP 4 (Optional) To change the ring tone for the caller: 
a. Press the Right Arrow key to enter the Select Ring Tone screen. 
b. Scroll through the available ring tones. 
c. Press the Play button to play the selected ring tone or the Select button to assign that ringtone to the person whose number you are adding to the directory.
STEP 5 Press Save to save the entry