Creating Speed Dials on Unused Line Buttons

Depending on how your extensions are configured, you can assigned unused line buttons on your phone or attendant console to act as speed dialers. 
STEP 1 Press the unused line button and hold down for three seconds.
STEP 2 Enter a name for the speed dial.
STEP 3 Press the Down Arrow key to display the phone number field. 
STEP 4 Enter the phone number and press Set.
After creating the speed dial, it displays next to the line button. Press the line button to use the speed dial.

Creating Numerical Speed Dials

You can assign speed dials to numbers. You can have up to eight numerical speed dials. Each speed dial can be a phone number, IP address or URL.
STEP 1 Press Setup.
STEP 2 Scroll to Speed Dials and press Select.
STEP 3 To create or edit a speed dial, select an unused speed dial location (2 through 9). You can have up to eight speed dials (location 1 is reserved for voice mail). 
STEP 4 Press Edit.
STEP 5 Enter the name and phone number for the speed dial. 
STEP 6 Press Save.

Calling Speed Dials

To call one of your configured speed dial numbers, choose one of the following options:
• Press the line button that has been configured as a speed dial.
• Open a phone line and press the number for the speed dial, then wait a few seconds for the phone to initiate the call or press Dial.
• Press the Setup button, select Speed Dial, choose the number, and press Dial.