The SPA IP phones support headsets from different manufacturers. For the latest supported models, contact your reseller. Additional information can be found at the manufacturer websites. 

Connecting the Headset

Each brand and type of headset may require different steps for connection. 
Consult the documentation for your particular headset for more information:
Bluetooth headsets
Wireless (non-Bluetooth) headsets (such as Plantronics or Jabra)
Wired headsets
Electronic Hookswitch (EHS)

Connecting Bluetooth Headsets

Your phone is Bluetooth compatible and works with Bluetooth devices such as headsets.

To configure the phone to work with your headset, first enable Bluetooth:
STEP 1 Press Setup.
STEP 2 Select User Preferences.
STEP 3 Select Bluetooth Configuration.
STEP 4 With Bluetooth selected, press the Right Arrow key to turn Bluetooth On.
STEP 5 Press Set.

• To use a wired headset, press Headset and dial the number to place a call, or press the headset button to answer a ringing call.
• To use a non-Bluetooth wireless headset (such as Jabra or Plantronics), lift the receiver off hook before speaking or listening through the headset.
• To use a Bluetooth headset, make sure your headset is powered on. Press Headset on your phone (or, if supported, press Answer on your Bluetooth headset twice) and dial the number to place a call. Press Answer on your Bluetooth headset to answer a ringing call. See the user documentation for your Bluetooth headset for more information.