You can set up custom softkeys as speeddials. Speeddial softkeys can dial a star code for a feature on the system or a phone number or a set of digits. A customized label displays inside the phone’s display for each softkey. If you press a custom softkey, the phone goes off-hook and dials the star code or the number set up for this softkey.

You can save up to 30 speed dial numbers and names on the 57i. These can be programmed to dial directly to another person’s line or extension, or set up to quickly access features such as Caller ID (*69), Voicemail.

Entering a Name/Number for Speeddial Key

To enter a number and name in a programmable key:
1. Press the Save key. The screen displays "Save to?"
2. Select a softkey you want to save to.
3. At the "Enter Number" prompt, use the dial pad key to enter the number.
4. Press the Save key to save the speeddial configuration.
5. At the "Enter Name" prompt, use the dial pad keys to select the letters.
Continue to press the number key to access the next letter for that key (i.e. press 2 three times to access C). Press  to move to the next space, or wait a moment and the cursor automatically advances. To insert a space between letters, press To backspace and erase a mistake, press  or the Delete key. You can save up to 16 letters and numbers on each softkey entry.
6. Press the Save key to finish.