Blind Transfer
A blind transfer is when you transfer a call directly to another extension without consulting with the person receiving the call. To do this, simply complete the transfer immediately after you have entered the number. The call goes directly to the extension or outside line you transferred to. If the party you are transferring the call to does not answer, the transferred call rings back to your extension.

Consultative Transfer

You also have the option to consult with the person you are transferring the call to, before you complete the transfer. To do this, simply remain on the line until the receiving party answers the call. After consulting with the receiving party, you can either complete the transfer or cancel the transfer to go back to the original call.

To transfer a call to another extension

1. Connect to the call you wish to transfer (if not already connected).
2. Press the Intercom key.
3. Press a line/call appearance button followed by the extension number of the person you wish to transfer the call to.
4. If you do not wish to transfer the call, press the line/call appearance button again to abort the transfer. This disconnects the new call, leaving the original call on hold. To go back to the original call, press the line/call appearance button for this call.
5. To complete the transfer, you can press the Intercom key again, or disconnect by placing the handset back on hook, pressing

 or  pressing the line/call appearance button for the active call.

Note: To complete a "blind" transfer, press the Intercom Key again before the phone begins dialing. To complete a consultive transfer, remain on the line to speak with the party, before pressing the Intercom Key again. To cancel the transfer, select Cancel on the display screen.