Use the speed dial feature for fast, automated dialing. To use speed dial, you enter a speed dial index number instead of entering a complete phone number.

When you create a Contact Directory entry, the phone automatically assigns a Speed Dial index to the entry. You can change the index number, or delete it. 
The following steps describe how to update a speed dial entry for a contact.

To update a speed dial entry in your local Contact Directory:

1. Press the Dir soft key, and then select Contact Directory.
The Directory screen displays.

2. Scroll to the user’s entry, and then press the Edit soft key.
The Edit Contact screen displays.

3. Scroll to Speed Dial Index, and then update the speed dial index number. Use the << soft key to update an existing entry.
You can assign any unused speed dial index number from 1 to 99. If you assign a speed dial index number that already exists, or you enter an invalid speed dial index number (for example, 0 or 00), an error message displays.
4. Press the Save soft key.
5. Press  twice to return to the idle screen.