The instructions below are intended for users on the FluentSteam phone system, and may not be applicable for devices on other platforms. For more information on using our platform, please visit our website or give us a call at 303-462-5683, opt 1.

To manually provision your Polycom VVX300/310:

1. Press the Home button

2. Select the Settings menu

3. Select option 2 - Advanced

4. Enter the default password "456"

5. Select option 1 - Administration Settings

6. Select option 1 - Network Configuration

7. Select Provisioning Server

8. Set Server Type to: HTTP

9. Set Server Address to:

Note: The . symbol can be found by pressing the * key on your keypad. Once you’ve entered the Server Address click Exit twice and then select Save and Reboot.

Once set, back out of the menu's until prompted to save your settings. The phone should then automatically reboot after a short pause, and provision