Exit Out of Voicemail Applications


Allows for callers to leave the Voicemail Box instead of leaving a voicemail. This is the action that will occur when a user dials 0 to exit your voicemail.


This can be used to allow callers to return to a menu or reach another destination instead of leaving a voicemail. 


Permissions: Cloud User & Administrator OR Administrator-only


Exit Out of Voicemail Configuration


1. Select Voicemail. 

2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.


3. In the Voicemail Box Settings scroll down to find Exit Applications.

4. From the drop-down menu Select the desired Exit Application. 


5. In, Select Exit Application, define the specific destination. 


6. Press Submit to Save all changes.  


If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.

Email/ticketing: support@fluentstream.com

Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)