The following guide will walk you through the process of provisioning your Cisco 525G/525G2 phone to work on FluentCloud’s new and improved hosted phone system. Please note that you may contact a FluentStream Support Technician to assist you with this provisioning process.

Step  1. Perform a factory reset on the phone

1. Hit the Settings button
2. Scroll down and select Device Administration (Option 9)
3. Scroll down and select Factory Reset (Option 5)
4. Hit Ok

Step 2. Pull IP Address

1. Hit the Settings button
2. Scroll down to Status (Option 10)
3. Select Network Status (Option 2)
4. See IP Address

Step 3. Enter IP address into a web browser that is on the same network as the phone and enter that into the portal to configure the phone.

Step 4. Select Admin Login and then Advanced from the menu at the top.

Step 5. Click Provisioning tab

Profile rule should be$MA.xml