Extensions are the unique numbers that connect your user accounts to your devices.


Permissions: Administrator-only


Extensions Configuration


1. Create a New Extension

Select Extensions from the Settings Menu then click on Create New



Assign an extension number, First and Last name, and Location for your new extension. By default an extension’s ring duration is set to 20 seconds (4 rings). Once done, click on Add Extension below. 



2. Edit an Extension

Select the extension you would like to edit from your list of existing extensions. You can also use the search bar to find a specific extension more quickly. 



Can you can an extension’s name, email address, location and outbound caller ID however the extension number will remain the same. 



Extensions Tips and Tricks

Changes made to an extension will not apply to that extension’s voicemail box. If an extension is reassigned ensure that changes are also made to the voicemail box by clicking on the Voicemail tab. 


If you’re unable to create a new extension, it may be necessary to increase the number of licenses on your account. Please contact FluentStream support if you require assistance.


If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.

Email/ticketing: support@fluentstream.com

Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)