Auto Attendants, sometimes known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) or Voice Menus, are a navigation tool used in business phone systems, where a caller navigates to a desired destination by using the touch-tone keys on their phone keypad.

You can attach a number of applications throughout the FluentCloud system to use these auto attendants.

Once you have created your auto attendant, you will want to create or modify routes in order to use this functionality.

Permissions: Administrator-only


Auto-Attendant Configuration


1. Navigate to the Auto-Attendant Section of My FluentCloud

Select Auto-Attendant from the Features menu



2. Create a New Auto-Attendant

  • Click on +Add New


  • Give your new Auto-Attendant a name then hit Create


3. Customize and Edit your Auto-Attendant

  • Manage your auto-attendant by selecting the Settings menu. Some options include: 

    • Announcement (required)

    • Delay Before Playing

    • Allow Extension Dial

    • Allow Feature Dial


  • Select Key Codes to manage your auto-attendant’s behavior. You can assign routes, extensions, call forwarding and more to each numbered key press.


Auto-Attendant Tips and Tricks

It is recommended that every auto-attendant has an Invalid, None, and Timeout key code assigned. This will ensure that a call is not disconnected in case the caller fails to select an option or presses an invalid key on the auto-attendant menu. 


If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.


Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)