To get started right click on the phone icon on your task bar and select Setup 

In the Setup settings select Phone 

Under Telephone Plugins select SIPClient

Check to ensure SIPClient is also selected under the default settings 

Under the Dialing Rules Select North America Dialing Plan and Always Dial with Area Code. Remove any other numbers from Area Code, Exit Code , Trunk Code and Local Dialing Number Length

Select Activate and Apply 

Then Save 

Next, Select SIPClient from the left hand menu

Then go to the Account tab 

Enter your user credentials 

  *Authorization Name field does need your user ID to register

Under Domain Proxy Select Register with domain and receive calls 

Then click the radio button for Domain 

Under the topology tab select none 

Under the Transport tab ensure Signaling transport is set to UDP 

Sip Server Port is set to 5060

And the RTP Ports are populated with a five digit range of numbers 

Under Audio select the audio device from the drop down that you will be using 

Next, select CRM from the left hand menu and set up connection this will link you to your Dynamic 365 accounts

Select online

Input you Dynamics 365 Server -Url

Authenticate as Prefer Server2Server

Select Retrieve all Organizations

Select your organizations name from Organization information then click OK

Next, Go to the Advanced tab on the left hand side of the menu

Then Under Advanced Setting check the box to remove the leading zero and lastly go to bottom of the pop up and save and close

To make a call double click the phone icon and either insert a number into the search box and click on the SIP Call Icon or pull up a contact from the CRM and double click.

To use the CRM highlight the CRM tab, type in the contact in the search field then click on Find.

Double click the contact card to initiate the call and Dynamics 365 will also pull up the contact information from CRM.

If you experience difficulties please refer to mscrm-addons Proof of Concept documentation