Use Phone Numbers on Your Account for SMS Messaging

Connect with external numbers via text messaging without having to use your personal phone number. 


Permissions: Cloud User & Administrator


SMS Configuration


1. Verify Your SMS Number

After confirming that your phone number is enabled for SMS (contact if you require assistance with this), ensure that your phone number is set up on your extension by going to your User Settings.


Enter the desired  number as your Primary Phone Number for SMS:



2. Send an SMS Message

Select the SMS tab from the portal to bring up your SMS dashboard. When drafting a new SMS message, it’s important to select the appropriate internal SMS number. This number should match the Primary Phone Number for SMS on your User Settings, and will serve as the outbound caller ID for SMS. 

Once your Internal SMS Number is selected, you can now create a  new message by clicking on the Start New+ button and entering the  number you’d like to send an SMS message to in theEnter Number field. Once that done you will be able to draft a message. 



SMS Tips and Tricks

  • You can view any unread or current conversation threads from the list of options located to the right of your Internal SMS Number list in your dashboard.

  • You can also confirm your internal SMS number being used to send messages by looking at the Selected Internal SMS number located right above Contacts. 

  • SMS can also be used from the FluentCloud Webphone and FluentCloud Mobile app. 

  • Some phone numbers will not be enabled to use SMS by default. If your number is not able to utilize the SMS feature, contact FluentStream support to get it enabled.


If you need any assistance with this feature, please contact FluentStream support.


Quick-dial, from a FluentStream device: 711

Phone: 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683)