To enable VanillaSoft integration for ClickToCall+:

1.) Install ClickToCall in your Google Chrome browser. For instructions, click here.

2.) Click the ClickToCall+ phone icon. 


3.) Click Options in the ClickToCall+ menu.


4.) Under ClicktoCall+ Options, Toggle on Inbound Calls & Outbound Calls.


5.)  Under URL Screen Pop Options, Toggle On Trigger New Tab on Call Event. 



Base URL:

Call Event to Fire URL: &PhoneNumber=%n

Replace 1234 in this link with the ID of your VanillaSoft project that contains the contacts to be looked up.  To find the ProjectID, place your cursor over any menu on the admin side while inside a VanillaSoft project. The link to the page containing the ProjectID will appear at the bottom of your browser. Place that ProjectID inside the above link, replacing the digits 1234.