Each device on your system is assigned an extension. In this section, you can create new users and modify existing ones.

Creating a New Extension

To create a new extension:

Click Settings from the menu, then select Extensions

Click the + Create New button

Create New User Extension:



1. Enter the new Extension Number.

Enter the user's first and last name.
You can also enter something like Reception or Billing if there is no specific user for the extension.

(optional) Enter a Description for the extension.
You can either use this to describe the extensions location or the user's title.

Select a Location for the extension.


Enter the user's Email Address (this is for association in the database and for fax notifications).

Enter the Duration in seconds that you would like the extension to ring.
This can be overwritten in several places throughout the Portal, but this is useful for setting the duration a phone rings if it is dialed directly.

7. Select Music On Hold that will play when a call is placed on hold by that extension.

8. Outbound Caller ID Number - the number that will appear for outbound calls from that extension. Can be overwritten with other numbers on the account. Please contact FluentStream support if you would like to enable the override. 

9. Caller ID Name - The caller ID that appears when the extension makes an outbound call.  Please contact FluentStream support if you would like to enable the override. 

Attach a corresponding Voicemail Box

Click the Voicemail tab. Here you can create a corresponding voicemail for that extension, or attach that extension to an existing voicemail.


Enable/Disable Call Recording Per Extension

Click the Call Recording tab.


Select On Demand, Always, or Never in the drop down menu.
If you choose On Demand, you can start recording a call by pressing #9 when on a call.

Fax Settings
Click the Fax tab.


Email to Fax -
Allows you to select a direct number for faxing for that extension.

Receives Company Fax Notifications - If you would like the users to receive faxes pointed to the company inbox. 

Attach Fax to Email - If you would like the user to receive notifications via email when faxes are received. 

Analog Fax Gateway - If you are using an adapter connected to a physical fax machine. **Premium Fax Users will NOT need to do this**

Softphone (Webphone, Bria, Zoiper, Universal)
Click the Softphone tab. Here you can configure the extension to a softphone.


Click the Permissions tab. Here you can customize the permissions that extension has for internal and external dialing. 



Advanced Settings allow you to set up Hot Desking for Polycom Phones, and alter the qualify times and enable encryption. If you are unsure about any of these settings, please contact support at 303-GO-CLOUD, opt 2 or email support@fluentstream.com


Editing an Extension

To edit an existing extension:

1. Click Settings from the menu, and click Extensions.

Click the extension you would like to modify.

Make the desired changes and click the Update Extension button.

Note: For some changes to take effect, you must click the Reload Configuration button at the top of the page.

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).