FluentStream now has the ability to set up holidays separate from your regular route to keep everything neat and organized. You will need to be an administrator on the account that you want to use this feature on.

Step One: Create the Holiday Route

Please see our routes and application page for further instructions on how to set up your route. Please also keep in mind that the holiday route will only take priority on individual days that are selected, not surrounding days that may only need partial-day routing changes.

Step Two: Select Your Holidays

Once you have your route made, you can select the holidays that your company will want to use this route. On the my.fluentcloud.com portal, go to "Account" in the top-right and select "Settings". There will be a tab for Holiday Settings, pictured below:

In the Holiday Settings tab, you will be able to select your holidays from a drop down and confirm the dates that are currently enabled. Do not forget to "Save Changes" once you're done!

Step Three: Apply Your Holiday Route to Your Phone Numbers

After selecting your holidays, all that's left is to apply the desired Holiday route to the affected phone numbers. Select "Phone Numbers" from the "Settings" drop down on the left-hand side. Pick the phone number you want to apply the holiday route to and you'll see this screen:

In the "Observed Holiday Route", select the route from the drop down that you made in step one. Press the "Save" button to apply your change. You can also use the Time Machine button to complete a test call now and avoid the worry that it isn't set up correctly while you're observing the holidays with your family.