How to attach a Conference Room to a unique phone number and attach a branded greeting.

After you have created your Conference Room (see here if you have not completed this step), you can attach it to a unique phone number, as well as attach you own branded greeting to announce your company’s name when you join a call. 

If you prefer to utilize our already provided Conference Bridge numbers, proceed here for further information.

Navigate to Settings > Phone Numbers:

From the list on the left-hand side, select the phone number you would like to assign your conference room to. If you would like to purchase your own unique number, select Buy A Number on the bottom of the list and enter your search criteria into the fields. Once you select a number and hit Buy Phone Numbers, it will populate in your list on the left-hand side.

[Note: If you do not see the phone number you would like to attach your room to, would like help locating a phone number, or would like to port over an existing number you own, please reach out to the support team at 303-GO-CLOUD or 303-462-5683 (opt 2) for further assistance.]

From there in the routing page, select Conference Room from the drop down to Set Phone Number to.

Select your recently created Conference Room from the drop down menu.

1. Set Phone Number to: Select how the phone number should be routed. (Conference Room)

2. Conference Room: Select which Conference Room you would like attached to this number.

3. Allow Pinless Entry: Allow users to enter the conference room without entering the Pin.

4. Enable Custom Greeting: Toggle on to upload your own custom or branded greeting for your conference room to greet guests.
5. Upload a Custom Greeting for Your Room: 
Where you will upload the file for your custom greeting.

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).