Local area presence (LAP) is a FluentStream feature that allows for an extensions' outbound caller ID to use a set of defined numbers to match the local area code for the call recipient.

[Example: While dialing an outside 702 number - and there is an enabled/available 702 LAP number on the account - the recipient will see the local area presence number.]

How to Enable Local Area Presence:

1. Adding or managing your phone number pool (can only be managed by admin users)

Each phone number (found on my.fluentcloud.com under Settings>Phone Numbers) has a toggle on the routing tab labeled “Exclude From Location Matching”

If this is turned ON, then the number will not be used for the LAP dial out pool.

If this is turned OFF, then the number will be used when attempting to match outbound calls.

The LAP status of these telephone numbers does not impact any other aspects of the routing.

2. Setting up LAP on the extension-level (can only be managed by admin users)

You can enable/disable Local Area Presence for each extension on your account by visiting my.fluentcloud.com and navigating to Settings>Extensions>Advanced. This is the setting that defines whether or not the user at that extension will have the ability to dial out with the LAP Pool.

When this is toggled ON, that does not mean that the extension is 100% ready to use the LAP feature. This setting simply grants access for the user on that extension.

When this is toggled OFF, any LAP controls will vanish and the feature will not be accessible by the extension.

3. User controls (can be managed by both admin and cloud Users)

Once Phone Numbers have been toggled to allow Local Area Matching and Local Area Presence has been enabled for the users' extension, the associated user (or admin) can activate/deactivate them for LAP under Portal>User Settings>Enable Local Area Presence.

*This control will actually dictate whether or not the extension is dialing out with the feature or not.

If you are using the FluentCloud WebPhone, you can toggle whether your extension is enabled for Local Area Presence by pressing the phone symbol on the left side.

A message will display across the bottom of your WebPhone application:

“Enabled Caller ID Matching” indicates that LAP is toggled ON

“Disabled Caller ID Matching” indicated that LAP is toggled OFF

Questions? Call 303-GO-CLOUD or email support@fluentstream.com.