The embedded Freshdesk integration within ClickToCall allows for one centralized location for ease of use. With this integration, agents have the ability to create Freshdesk tickets for inbound and outbound calls through their FluentStream system.  Please note, the chrome extension for ClickToCall automatically saves upon any user change.

1. Verify your chrome browser has ClickToCall installed. If not click here to go to our ClickToCall Setup documentation.

2. Click the phone icon, and then the options button to get inside of ClickToCall.

3. Select Freshdesk Options from the menu bar on the right.

4. Turn on all settings that are needed for your setup.


         Freshdesk Integration:

         Enable integration - Yes

         Use Dynamic Agents - As noted in the integration, only needed if queues are set up in your                FluentStream phone system

         FluentCloud API Key - Needs to be generated in the admin portal under                                              Account>Settings>API Key

         Freshdesk Domain Base URL - [example

         Freshdesk Username - Your login credentials 

         Freshdesk API Key - Can be located in your Freshdesk profile settings

         Once everything is entered, click Authorize Freshdesk.


5. Complete your setup by setting your preferences for notifications, post-call recording URL, and ticket fields.


Notifications: These are the settings that the integration needs to notify the agent. 

Post-Call Recording URL: Allows the ability to add the call recording directly to the created ticket.

Create Ticket Fields: adding these allow for more automation of ticket creation, but note that some fields cannot be generated prior to ticket creation, like Subject, and so the field is unmodifiable.

 [Modifiable fields are Status, Priority, Request Type, Source, Issue, Group, and Assigned to. In all fields, the generic Freshdesk values will be there as well as any custom values created.]

Questions? Call 303-GO-CLOUD or email