Provisioning The ErisTerminal VSP 600 to the FluentCloud system is done via the Base Stations Web Interface.

From the Official User Guide

To access the WebUI:
1. Ensure that your computer is connected to the same network as your base station.
2. Find the IP address of your base station:
    a. When the phone is idle, press MENU.
    b. Press DOWN to highlight Status, and then press SELECT. The Status menu appears:
    c. On the Status menu, ensure that Network is highlighted, and then press SELECT. The Network screen appears:

    d. On the Network screen, note the IP Address.

3. On your computer, open an Internet browser.

4. Type the phone IP address in the browser address bar and press ENTER on your computer keyboard

When prompted, the default username \ password will be admin \ admin.  If this combination does not work, the existing password may need to be provided by the existing provider, or the base station reset by pressing the Reset button on the base station for 15 seconds.

Once Logged in:

1. Navigate to the SERVICING top level menu, then to the Provisioning sub-menu on the left hand side.

2. For the Server URL, enter ""  (without the quotes).

3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press the Save button.

4. Navigate to the Reboot sub-menu along the left side and press the Reboot button to initiate the update cycle.

NOTE* The update process may take several minutes, as it does include an automatic update to the firmware if required.  Do not unplug the base station from power or ethernet during the update process.