Follow directions for the installation of the FluentCloud Slackbot here, if you haven't already done so. 

The easiest way to access your available commands will be to ask for FluentCloud Slackbot for "help". This will return a list of the available commands in your workspace. 

Call Forwarding 

Easily manage your call forwarding settings by turning your FollowMe settings On and Off. To learn more about FollowMe settings, click here. 


Retrieve, playback and delete your extension's voicemails right from your bot. 

Dynamic Agents

Check your agent status, login, pause, unpause and logout for your day all from within the bot. 

Search Contacts 

Search your FluentCloud contacts for instant access to the contact information you need. 

If you need any assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD (303-462-5683), option #2 or by emailing