We are excited to say you can now access the my.fluentcloud.com User Portal from your mobile device! 

Download the application for your iOS device here. 

Once you have downloaded the FluentCloud mobile from the Apple App store, you will log in with your credentials:

The first page will load up with your contacts. If you select the Settings Bar in the top left corner, you will be able to manage the same features you manage via the User Portal.

 Below you can see the different ways you can manage your user settings:

1. Dashboard - This is a landing page for the most commonly User Settings.

2. Call History - Here you can manage your Call History.

3. Inbox (Voicemail, SMS, eFax) - Here you can manage your inbound Voicemail, SMS, and eFax messages.

4. Contact Center (Agent Status) - Here you can manage your Agent Status (logged in/out, paused/unpaused)

5. Follow Me (forwarding) - Here you can manage your Follow Me/Call Forwarding settings.

1. Dashboard

1. To hear any New Voicemails you can select this icon.

2. To use SMS you can select this icon. Please ensure that SMS is enabled for your extension via a direct phone number. 

3. If you'd like to check your Agent Status (logged in/out status, pause/unpause), you will select this icon.

4. Here you can view your current Forward Staus (Follow Me Settings).

5. Here you can select Call Relay, which will allow you to make an outbound call under your FluentStream extension via your cell phone. 

2. Call History

Here you will see your Call History, most recent from top to bottom. 

3. Inbox (Voicemail, SMS, eFax)

Select which Inbox you'd like to view to load that page on your mobile device.

4. Contact Center (Agent Status)

Here you can Manage Agent status:

This will bring you to the User Agent page, where you can manage if you are Logged In or Out and if you are Paused or Unpaused.

5. Follow Me (forwarding):

Here you can manage your forwarding via the Follow

1. Follow Me - toggle on/off

2. When Following Me -

  • Ring All - Ring phone first, then forward call after the selected duration. Or ring both simultaneously
  • Ring Then Forward - Forward call when phone is in use or set to Do Not Disturb
  • Only Forward -  Always forward call, by passing the extension regardless of status

3. Follow Me Numbers - The phone number(s) or extension(s) you'd like your calls to go to

4. Behavior Settings -

  • Let the callers know they are being forwarded
  • Use the original caller's Caller ID when forwarding.If this is left unchecked, it will display the number dialed (your FluentStream phone number). 
  • Ask if you (the FluentStream user) would like to receive a forwarded call (especially useful when forwarding to a cell phone). Keep this checked if you'd like the call to go back to the FluentStream voicemail when unanswered.

Make sure you save your changes by selecting Update. 

Call Relay

Call Relay allows you to place an outbound call from your cell phone using your FluentStream extension caller ID. 

To ensure proper setup, log in via a web browser to my.fluentcloud.com.

Go to your User Settings and confirm you have your cell phone number attached to your extension. This is not where forwarding is set up.

To place a call, simply dial the number via the Dialpad. The system will then send a call to your cell phone, once you answer it, it will then attempt the outbound call to the number you entered.

If you need assistance, please contact FluentStream Support at 303-GO-CLOUD, or 303-462-5683 (opt 2).